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The 10 Best Brewpubs in (and Around) Denver, Ranked
2. BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats, Boulder
Ian Clark’s labor of love isn’t glitzy but rather small and homey and chef-driven, as illustrated by beers flavored with dates or sumac or house-harvested honey, and dishes like shrimp tartare or tamarind-glazed meatballs with edamame hummus and pickled shiitakes. And his paired-dinner series is a next-level steal: for $50 tops (usually less), Clark prepares four or five courses that could include malted rye mushroom soup, headcheese with peach tempura, or wood-roasted turducken, for crying out loud. Really, you might actually cry out loud with gratitude. 
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Breakout Brewer: BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats
By creating ingredient-focused beers that accentuate the flavors he finds in beers, BRU’s Ian Clark creates beers that reflect his culinary mindset.  read the full article


A New Take on Beer and Dining

Its young vibe, edgy food and complex beer will impress even the most rigid of ale snobs. This combination's sure to serve as a perfect treat after work or during weekend festivities.  read the full article


LOCH Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Wins GABF Medal

LOCH Wee Heavy Scotch Ale wins the silver medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival in the Scotch Ale category. 





Best Brewpub Denver 2014

Many Colorado brewpubs — places that make their own beer as well as their own food — have elevated their beers to Rocky Mountain levels over the past few years, and some of them are trying to match those mountains when it comes to their menus. But BRU handbuilt ales & eats has a bit of a head start, since it was created by Ian Clark, a professionally trained chef who happens to love homebrewing as well. His dining room is laid out in a way that highlights both the beer — a fermentation room is front and center — and the food, prepared in an open kitchen complete with a wood-fired oven. And since Clark designed both, he's blended them together for a contemporary brewpub that's a real reason to toast.  read the full article.

6 Must-Try Sandwiches in Boulder: BBQ Shrimp-Salad Flatbread at BRU handbuilt ales & eats

When we promise you sandwiches, we deliver. (Not literally, of course.) Behold the Boulder supplement to our Monday roundup of Denver’s most sensational handheld meals. And break out the napkins.

Why We Love It: The taprooms of most local breweries don't serve food at all; the few that have kitchens tend to turn out standard pub grub. Thanks to chef, brewer and owner Ian Clark, BRU is an exception in every way. And this creation serves as elegant proof. It starts with pizza dough that's only lightly leavened for an almost-crackery texture. That's filled with gently blackened Gulf shrimp, baby spinach, and julienned radishes, pickled cucumbers and onions, plus a drizzle of barbecue sauce infused with the rich house coffee stout. It's not often you can call a sandwich "refreshing," but this one is. read the full article


10 Craft-Beer-Focused Restaurants Across the U.S.
BRU handbuilt ales & eats, Boulder, CO

Boulder's teeming with multihyphenates, but Ian Clark stands out even in that DIY community. He cooks, gardens, makes beer and keeps bees - and he brings all his talents together at this sunny brewpub, where ales tinged with juniper, lemongrass and honey accompany innovative comfort food like corned beef brisket with stout-infused barbecue sauce and carrot sauerkraut or sourdough pizza topped with eggs, sausage gravy and roasted chiles. read the full article

The 25 Most Promising Denver Restaurants of 2013:
BRU handbuilt ales & eats 

Hundreds of restaurants have opened in metro Denver in 2013, with more hurrying to join the dining scene before the end of the year. Some are new versions of old restaurants, others are completely new to the scene; many are far too new to have been reviewed. But all of the following spots make the list of our 25 most promising restaurants of 2013.  read the full article

Ten Colorado Beers to Drink: BRU's Citrum IPA

Why to Drink It: Best enjoyed in their cozy Boulder taproom, this is as well-balanced and tasty an IPA as you'll find, thanks to the fresh lemon zest and juniper berries in the mix.
Availability: You can snag a pint all over Colorado, but nowhere else for the moment.  read the full article 

24 American Microbreweries Every Beer Lover Should Know
The recent explosion of American microbreweries has shifted the beer industry's attention to quality, not quantity. And now — with Oktoberfest underway — is the perfect time to discover a new artisanal brew.

We found the 24 coolest microbrewers making waves in the American craft beer industry, from a Latin American-style cervecería in Chicago to a sustainable brewery in Maui that uses local Hawaiian ingredients to make its brews.  read the full article

6 Beer and Food Innovators:
Meet the half-dozen innovators who are changing the way we eat and drink right now. 

The Nanobrewing Chef: Ian Clark
Ian Clark doesn’t believe in shortcuts. Whether he’s brewing a barrel of keg-conditioned, date- and caramelized sugar-infused brown ale or curdling a batch of goats’ milk ricotta cheese, the owner and self-titled “beer chef” of BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats in Boulder, Colo., thrives on being methodical. “We’re not going to cut any corners,” says Clark of the 65-seat brewpub, slated to open this spring. “Every single thing that’s going to be eaten in the restaurant will be made by us.”  read the full article

2013 Breweries to Watch:  

BRU handbuilt ales | Boulder, Colo.: Centro Latin Kitchen chef Ian Clark’s garage-based nanobrewery pumps out newly bottled beers like the date-infused Obitus American Brown Ale and lemon zest-and-juniper-spiked Citrum IPA.  read the full article




Hot Tables: The Best Seats in Beer this Fall 

5. At the bar at Centro Latin Kitchen in Boulder, Colo., where the first drops of chef Ian Clark’s pet-project nanobrewery, BRU Handbuilt Ales, are pouring. Obitus, a brown ale brewed with dates, is a must-drink.
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Small Batch: Inside one of Colorado’s tiniest breweries.

Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace executive chef Ian Clark lives at the end of a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood in north Boulder. Attached to the front of his home is a nondescript 400-square-foot garage. What’s inside is far from typical: Clark uses this space to operate his commercially licensed nanobrewery, BRU Handbuilt Ales. (Breweries that produce fewer than three barrels per batch are considered nanobreweries.)... read more



WEEKEND Editor's Picks: Beer Made For Summer

BOULDER As if an open-air patio and fresh salsa weren't reasons enough to while away afternoons at Centro Latin Kitchen, now there's another temptation: Citrum.  The lemon zest- and juniper- accented IPA is the first pour from chef Ian Clark's BRU, his home brewery.  The golden ale is layered with a light hoppy flavor and notes of fruit and herbs, and goes just right with spicy shrimp tacos and prawn Veracruz. $$; 950 Pearl Street.; 303/442-7771.




 Best New Trend: Chef-Owned Distilleries/Breweries

We are all for this new trend: Chefs are stepping out of the kitchen and into the distillery and brewery. Chef Bradford Heap and his Salt beverage director Evan Faber announced they are teaming up to start a distillery, and chef Ian Clark of Centro recently announced he is starting a nano-brewery. Talk about a beer and food pairing.