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Just like we care about the BRU we share with you, we also care about our home called mother earth.  That's why we give 1% for the planet, compost, recycle, offset our electricity with wind power, use local and organic products, and reuse whenever we can to make as small of a handprint as possible as we conduct our business.  


1% for the Planet
-- is a growing global movement of 1,397 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 3,058 environmental organizations worldwide.  

Renewable Energy -- 100% of the electricity is offset with wind power.  

Local & Organic Products -- we support our local farmers and buy organic whenever possible.  Some of our farmers include Munson, Isabelle, Two Hounds, Turtle Springs, Niwot Hops, and Boulder Natural.

Compost and Recycle -- all of our spent yeast, special ingredients, and hops go into our compost. 
We also recycle anything and everything we can.   

Reuse -- when building our space we reused building materials from ReSource and repurposed equipment from Dairy Engineering.  You'll also notice many of our design elements are repourposed, like our tap handles made from antique cooking and building equipment, or our bar repurposed from leftover crates from Bhakti Chai.  We also pass our spent grain on to Turtle Springs Farm as feed for their happy berkshire pigs and soil for Nick's awesome mushrooms that we have on the menu.  

Eco-Friendly Products -- all of the cleaners we use in the brewery are earth-friendly.